Scalar-isovector δ meson in the relativistic mean field theory and the structure of neutron stars with a quark core

G.B. Alaverdyan1


In the framework of the relativistic mean field theory, we have considered the equation of state of superdense nuclear matter, taking into account an effective scalar-isovector d meson field. The effect of the d meson field on the characteristics of a Maxwell-type quark phase transition has been studied. The quark phase is described with the aid of the improved version of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) bag model, in which interactions between the u, d, s quarks inside the bag are taken into account in the single-gluon exchange approximation. For different values of the bag parameter B, series of neutron star models with a quark core have been built. Stability problems for neutron stars with an infinitesimal quark core are discussed. An estimate is obtained for the amount of energy released in a catastrophic transformation of a critical neutron star to a star with a finite-size quark core.


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