New features of a flat (4 + 1)-dimensional cosmological model with a perfect fluid in gauss-bonnet gravity

I.V. Kirnos1, S.A. Pavluchenko2 and A.V. Toporensky3


We study a flat multidimensional cosmological model in Gauss-Bonnet gravity in the presence of matter in the form of a perfect fluid. We find analytically new stationary regimes (these results are valid for an arbitrary number of spatial dimensions) and study their stability by means of numerical recipes in the (4 + 1)-dimensional case. In the vicinity of the stationary regime, we find numerically another nonsingular regime which appears to be periodical. Finally, we demonstrate that the presence of matter in the form of a perfect fluid lifts some constraints on the dynamics of the (4 + 1)-dimensional model which have been found earlier.


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