Gravito-magneto-modulational instability of a self-gravitating system

Xiao-Song Yang1, San-qiu Liu2 and Xiao-qing Li3


The gravito-magneto-modulational (GEM) instability of a self-gravitating system is investigated on the basis of magnetic-type Maxwell-Vlasov equations. Analytical and numerical results indicate that the quasistatic self-excited gravitomagnetic field is modulationally unstable with respect to the uniform state of a self-gravitating system. Such an instability would strongly localize and amplify low-frequency self-excited gravitomagnetic fields, the density of matter and gravitoelectric fields. This new and interesting state of matter is in favor of the formation of a new rotating object. The characteristic scale and maximum growth rate of quasistatic self-excited gravitomagnetic fields depend on the strength of a pump wave.


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