International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics

dedicated to 90th anniversary of K.P. Staniukovich

March 2-6, 2006, Moscow, Russia

Organized by the Russian Gravitational Society, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS,
and Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology, Peoplesí Friendship University of Russia

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Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to take part in International conference on general relativity, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics to be held in Moscow, Russia, PFUR, March 2-6, 2006. The program of the conference includes plenary and sectional reports and non-formal discussions on the latest developments in the theory of gravitation, theoretical and observational cosmology and astrophysics, gravitational experiments, fundamental constants etc. Working languages are Russian and English.

International Advisory Committee:

V.N. Melnikov (Chairman, RGS, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS and PFUR, Moscow), D.V. Galtsov and Yu.S. Vladimirov (vice-chairmen, Moscow St. Univ.), A.A. Starobinsky (vice-chairman, Landau ITP, Moscow), M.Yu. Konstantinov (scientific secretary, CGFM and Bauman St. Tech. Univ.), J.-M. Alimi (LUTH, Obs. Paris-Meudon, France), A.V. Aminova (Kazaní St. Univ.), V.G. Bagrov (Tomsk St. Univ.), Yu.N. Barabanenkov (IPA, Moscow), V.A. Belinsky (ICRA, Italy), V.A. Berezin (Inst. Nucl. Research., Moscow), K.A. Bronnikov (CGFM, Moscow), I.L. Buchbinder (Tomsk St. Pedagigical Univ.), S.V. Chervon (Ulyanovsk St Univ.), H. Dehnen (Konstanz, Germany), A.P. Efremov (Russian Peoplesí Friendship Univ., Moscow), R.N. Faustov (RAS, Moscow), M.L. Filchenkov (PFUR, Moscow), A.A. Grib (Friedmann Lab., St-Petersburg), V.Ts. Gurovich (Bishkek, Kyrgizstan and Haifa, Israel), M. Kenmoku (NWU, Japan), M.Yu. Khlopov (Roma Univ., Italy and Cosmion, Moscow), V.N. Lukash (Astro Space Centre, Moscow), M.B. Mensky (LPI, RAS, Moscow), V.M. Mostepanenko (Friedmann Lab., St-Petersburg), K. Nordtvedt (USA), M. Novello (CBPF, Brazil), I.D. Novikov (Nordita, Denmark), V.N. Rudenko (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow), O.Sh. Sharshekeev (Bishkek, Kyrgizstan), V.P. Shelest (RAS, Moscow), Sung-won Kim (EWU, Korea), G.A. Vilkovysky (LPI, RAS, Moscow), A.I. Zhuk (Odessa Univ., Ukraine).

It is planned to publish the abstracts before and proceedings after the conference.

Registration fee is 150 USD. There will be reduced fees for NIS participants. Those who wish to participate in the conference are requested to fill in the electronic registration form (Russian version is available here) or contact the scientific secretary of the organizing committee on the address:

M.Yu. Konstantinov
Rusian Gravitational Society,
Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS,
Otdel 302, Ozernaya 46, 119361, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 781 28 68, Fax: +7 (495) 781 28 68
E-mail: The abstracts should be submitted in a form ready for reproduction in two copies, printed on 1 page ņ4, with the text size 16,5 x 22,5 Ůž. It is desirable to send the abstracts by e-mail as LaTeX files. Abstracts sent by fax will not be accepted.

Deadline for submitting abstracts, registration and accomodation reservations: December 20, 2005. Earlier registration and reservation is strongly advised.

Accomodation and Visa:

PFUR guest house (limited number of rooms) or other hotels in Moscow (e.g. nearest are Tourist House, Salut etc.). For visa details if necessary, please, fill in the electronic registration form or contact Dr. Michael L. Filchenkov:

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