Russian summer school-seminar - Modern theoretical problems of gravitation and cosmology

September 9-16, 2007, TSHPU, Kazan-Yalchik, Russia

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Dear colleague,

From September 9 till September 16, 2007 in Kazan city on the basis of Tatar Humanitarian-Pedagogical University (TSHPU) it is proposed to carry out Russian school GRACOS – on questions of gravitation, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics, as well as international scientific conference on gravitation, cosmology, relativistic astrophysics and kinetics in the framework of the school. It is also proposed to make this school yearly. The school and the conference will function in the recreation centre of TSHPU Yalchik, situated in the Marii-El taiga on the bank of picturesque lake Yalchik. A number of school’s young participants is about 50, a number of conference’s participants is about 80. An inhabitation is rent-free. A dining-room with three meals a day will work. Sport and cultural measures are proposed. To the beginning of school’s work papers’ theses and conference’s materials will be published. Young scientists, aspirants and senior students of physico-mathematical departments of higher education institutes, specializing in range of theoretical and mathematical physics are invited for the collaboration in school’s work In the framework of school’s work it is also proposed a carrying-out of scientific conference for young scientists. Conference’s program includes plenary and sectional reports and informal discussions. The goal of the conference consists in a discussion of the latest achievements in the theory of gravitation, cosmology, astrophysics, gravitational experiment and their relation with various directions of modern. We hope that young specialists as well as noted scientists will take part in the conference.

Conference’s working languages: Russian and English.

Organizing Committee:

Organizing Committee chairman is Professor V.N. Melnikov (
Vice-chairmen are Professors D.V. Galtsov (, Yu.G. Ignatyev (chairman of the Local Organizing Committee,, and A.A. Starobinsky (
Scientific secretary is Professor S.V. Sushkov (

International Organizing Committee:

V.N. Melnikov (chairman, CSFM RSRIM and RPFU, RGS, Moscow), D.V. Galtsov (vice-chairman, MSU, Moscow), Yu.G.Ignatyev (vice-chairman, chairman of local organizational, KSPU, Kazan), A.A.Starobinsky (vice-chairman, Institute of Theoretical Physics RAS, Moscow), S.V.Sushkov (Scientific secretary of organizational committee, TSHPU, Kazan)/

J.-M. Alimi (Obs. Paris-Meudon, France), V.G.Bagrov (TSU, Tomsk), A.B.Balakin (KSU, Kazan), G.S.Bisnovaty-Kogan (ICR RAS, Moscow and UINR, Dubna), K.A.Bronnikov (CSFM RSRIM and RPFU, Moscow), J.L. Bukhbinder (Rio, Brazile), Yu.S.Vladimirov (MSU, Moscow), A.A.Grib (Friedmann Lab., St-Petersburg), H. Dehnen (Konstanz, Germany), A.P.Efremov (RPFU, Moscow), A.I.Zhuk (OSU, Ukraine), V.N.Lukash (Astro Space Centre of Physical Institute of RAS, Moscow), A.Minkevich (Minsk, Belorussia), V.M.Mostapanenko (Friedmann Lab., St-Petersburg), H. Nicolai (AEI, Germany), V.A.Rubakov (INF RAS, Moscow), M.V. Sazhin (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow), V.P.Frolov (UA, Canada), M.Yu.Khlopov (Cosmion, Institute Of Applied Mathematics, Moscow), S.V.Chervon (USU, Ulyanovsk), W. Zimdahl (Berlin, Germany).

Local Organizing Committee:

Prof. Ignatyev Yurii Gennadievich (chairman, TSHPU), Prof. Sushkov Sergey Vladimirovich (TSHPU), Prof. Khusnutdinov Nail Rustamovich (TSHPU), Prof. Balakin Aleksandr Borisovich (KSU), Ass. Prof. Popov Arkady Aleksanrovich (TSHPU).

Topics of the School:

Topics of the Conference:

Publication of conference’s materials (before the beginning of conference) as well as proceedings (after its finishing) is scheduled It is also proposed to the beginning of conference’s and school’s work to publish selected works on relativistic cosmology and kinetics. The opportunity of stand reports and participation in round-table discussions for beginner researchers and senior students, specializing in areas of fundamental theoretical physics will be given.

Requests are desired to be sending by e-mail. Keep up with information on websites: Local Organizing Committee.

Persons wishing to take part in the conference have to fill the registration form and send it to the local organizational committee to e-mail: or to postal address:

Prof. Yu.G.Ignatyev
Department Of Mathematics,
Tatar State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University,
420021, Mezhlauk str. 1, Kazan, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 (834) 292 34 20

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