14-th Russian Gravitational Conference –
International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics

June 27-July 2, 2011, UlSPU, Ulyanovsk, Russia

4-th Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar
"Problems of Theoretical and Observational Cosmology"

July 1–July 7, 2011, UlSPU, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Organized by the Russian Gravitation Society, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

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3-d Information Letter

Dear colleagues,

The Organizing Committee informs that the 14-th Russian Gravitational Conference - International Conference on Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics "RUSGRAV-14" is to be held from June 27 till July 2, 2011. In addition, the 4-th Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar "Problems of theoretical and observational cosmology UISS-2011" is to be held on July 1-July 7, 2011 at Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in Ulyanovsk under the support of Russian Foundation of Basic Research. On-line registration of participants is continuing, and registration for the School-Seminar is started at the Conference Website.

Abstracts (no more than 2 abstracts from each participant, in which he/she is a speaker) should be sent by e-mail to the scientific secretary S.V. Bolokhov ( with a copy for the conference ( indicating the selected section:

Deadline for the registration and for an abstract submission to the Conference and the School-Seminar: April 25, 2011. Earlier registration and abstracts submission are strongly advised.

4-th Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar
"Problems of Theoretical and Observational Cosmology"

July 1–July 7, 2011, UlSPU, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: V.N. Melnikov (RGS, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS and PFUR, Moscow); Vice-chairman: A.A. Starobinsky (Landau ITP, RAS, Moscow); Vice-chairman: S.V. Chervon (UlSPU, Ulyanovsk).

International Organizing Committee:

Balakin A.B., Russia (KFU, Kazan); Beesham A., South Africa (Zulu University, Zululand); Vasiliev M.A., Russia (Lebedev PI, Moscow); Galtsov D.V., Russia (MSU, Moscow); Gladyshev V.O., Russia (ÌTU, Moscow), Grats Yu.V., Russia (MSU, Moscow); Efremov A.P., Russia (PFUR, Moscow); Zhuk A.I., Ukraine (ONU, Îäåññà); Zhuravlev V.M., Russia (UlSU, Ulyanovsk); Yu.G. Ignat’ev, Russia (KFU, Kazan); Lukash V.N., Russia (ASC, Lebedev PI, Moscow); Maartens R., UK (Inst.Grav.& Cosmol., Portsmouth Univ.); Mueller V., Germany (AIP, Potsdam); Narlikhar J.V., India (IUCAA, Pune); Obukhov Yu.A., Russia and UK (MSU, Moscow); Sato K., Japan (IPMU, Tokyo Univ., Tokyo); Sazhin M.V., Russia (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow); Triay R., France (CPT, CNRS, Marseille).

Local Organizing Committee:

Chervon S.V. (Chairman); Shishkarev V.V. (Vice-chairman); Shabanov E.V. (Secretary); Panina O.G.; Pozdyshev A.V.; Shchigolev V.K.

Sections and the main topics of the School:

Sections and the main topics of the School:

The program of the conference and the school-seminar will include plenary and sectional reports, poster session for young scientists, graduate students and undergraduates. Featured also are informal discussions on such issues as: the latest developments in the theory of gravitation, quantum gravity and cosmology, theories with extra dimensions, theoretical and observational cosmology and astrophysics, gravitational experiments, fundamental constants and related topics.

Working languages are Russian and English.


The abstracts (up to one page, not more than 2 from each participant, in which he/she is a speaker) are to be prepared in LaTeX2e. The document class is article; the page parameter is A4; the font size is 12pt; the text margins are: left = 3 cm, right = 1.5 cm, top = bottom = 2 cm.; figures may be presented as separate *.eps files. Please do not use your own macros while creating the document.

Conference Proceedings:

Following the conference, on the basis of expert evaluation of materials submitted for publication, articles will be published in the international scientific journal of the Russian Gravitational Society "Gravitation and Cosmology" and distributed worldwide by the Springer Publishing.

Organization fee:

For foreign participants – 200 USD. (For Russian and CIS participants see info in Russian.) Payment of registration fee is available at registration on arrival to the conference.

(The registration fee for participation in the conference and/or school-seminar is the same.)


Ulyanovsk can be reached from Moscow by train or by Air-line. For more than a year, the company "Avianova" provides flights between Moscow and Ulyanovsk at a good tickets price (cheaper than the train tickets when purchasing tickets in advance). Information regarding flights and bookings can be found at the company "Avianova" website.


Accommodation is possible in hotels of the city. Registration fee for foreigners in the hotels is 700 Rub/ 25 USD.

Venetz Hotel

The Venetz is a three star hotel conveniently located in the central part of Ulyanovsk. The hotel is located within a few minutes’ walk of the major shopping, business, entertainment centers and of Ulyanovsk’s most picturesque landmarks. The hotel offers suites, apartments, luxury, studio, standard rooms. There are two conference-halls, a business center, a meeting room, a restaurant, bars, cafes, a spacious parking lot.

Address: Sovetskaya 19/9, Ulyanovsk 432063, Russia


Apartment (Single, 2 rooms). Price: from 10,100 RUB to 20,630 RUB
Luxury suite A (Single, 2 rooms). Price: from 7,700 RUB to 10,260 RUB
Luxury suite B (Single, 2 rooms) Price: from 6,110 RUB to 8,200 RUB
Luxury suite B (Single, 2 rooms) Price: from 6,680 RUB to 8,930 RUB
Studio (Single, Twin) Price: from 6,110 RUB to 7,230 RUB
Studio (Single, no bar) Price: from 4,420 RUB to 5,840 RUB
Superior room (Double, 1 bedroom) Price: 4,750 RUB
Standard room, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom), floors 11, 12, 12. Price: 5,540 RUB
Standard room, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom), floors 8, 9, 18. Price: 4,300 RUB
Standard room, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom), floors 8-13, 16. Price: 3,740 RUB
Standard room, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom). Price: 3,740 RUB
Standard suite, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom, partial renovation). Price: 2,600 RUB
Standard room, 1st category (Single, 1 bedroom, no renovation). Price: 2,100 RUB

The prices listed are for 1 room/day.

Hotel Barcelona

The Barcelona Hotel is situated in the historical district of Ulyanovsk, within 20 minutes drive from the airport, 10 minutes drive from the railway station. Many of the city's landmarks are within walking distance, including the theatres, the museums, the central square, shopping, business and entertainment centers.

The hotel offers accommodation in 23 rooms of different categories. Every room features a TV-set, a telephone, air-conditioning, a safe deposit box, a minibar, Internet access. Guests are welcome at the hotel restaurant decorated in classical Mediterranean style. The restaurant serves dishes of various cuisines. There is a well-equipped conference hall in the hotel with a capacity of up to 45 people. The hotel offers its guests a wide range of services and facilities, including a cinema, a sauna, a swimming pool.

Address: 45 Bebel Street, Ulyanovsk, 432063, Russia


Standard Room. Price: 5,260 RUB – 5,550 RUB
Standard Double. Price: 5,420 RUB – 5,950 RUB
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Prices are given for one room/day.

Imperial Club Deluxe

The five-star hotel Imperial Club Deluxe is located in a green park area (Aleksanrovsky Park), on the shore of an artificial lake, surrounded by picturesque park lanes. The park occupies an area of over 35 acres. The territory of the park is secured premises. Aleksandrovsky Park offers its guests all they might need for both great recreation and effective work. In summer months, the guests may enjoy the water park, fountains, comfortable pergolas, visit the beach bar, cafes and a Caucasian cuisine center. In winter, the lake surface turns into a skating rink.

Imperial Club Deluxe is a park hotel, offering all the facilities for luxurious and refined recreation as well as facilities for holding business meetings, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and seminars. The hotel’s classic interior combines antique decor with modern functional luxury. All rooms are equipped with panoramic windows, which look onto Aleksandrovsky Park. The hotel offers its guests a Presidential Suite, Grand Suites, Deluxe rooms and Studios.

Imperial Club Deluxe offers fine restaurant options, cafes and bars. "Romanovsky" is a deluxe fine-dining restaurant, "Schtolz" is a business bar, "Balcony" is an intriguing and romantic caffee. There is also a lobby bar.

Address: Alexandrovskaya Street,60 Ulyanovsk, Russia


Presidential Suite – 25,300 RUB
Grand Suite – 22,000 RUB
Deluxe Red – 19,800 RUB
Deluxe Blue – 19,800 RUB
Deluxe White – 18,150 RUB
Deluxe Green – 8,800 RUB
Studio – 7,700 RUB
Studio – 6,600 RUB

Prices are given for one room/day.


Excursions will be suggested as tours of the city of Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region: Undory, Yazykovo, Prislonikha; Visits to nearest towns: Kazan, Samara, Bolgary, Cheboksary. Short pleasure tours on Volga River

International Organizing Committee:

V.N. Melnikov (Chairman, RGS, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS and PFUR, Moscow), D.V. Galtsov (Vice-chairman, Moscow State Univ.), A.A. Starobinsky (Vice-chairman, Landau ITP, Moscow), Yu.S. Vladimirov (Vice-chairman, Moscow State Univ.), S.V. Chervon (Vice-chairman, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical Univ.), S. V. Bolokhov (Scientific secretary, RGS, PFUR, Moscow).

J.-M. Alimi (LUTH, Obs. Paris-Meudon, France), A.V. Aminova (Kazan’ State Univ.), V.G. Bagrov (Tomsk State Univ.), V.A. Belinsky (ICRA, Italy), V.A. Berezin (Inst. Nucl. Research., Moscow), G.S. Bisnovaty-Kogan (Inst. Space Research, Moscow), K.A. Bronnikov (CGFM, Moscow), I.L. Buchbinder (Tomsk State Pedagogical Univ.), V.P. Frolov (UA, Canada), A.A. Grib (Gertsen State Pedagogical Univ. and Friedmann Lab., St-Petersburg), A.P. Yefremov (Peoples’ Friendship Univ. of Russia, Moscow), Yu.G. Ignat’ev (KSPU, Kazan’), M. Kenmoku (NWU, Nara, Japan), M.Yu. Khlopov (MIPI, Moscow), V.N. Lukash (Astro Space Centre, Lebedev PI, Moscow), Luo Jun (HUST, Wuhan, China), Roy Maartens (Inst. Grav. & Cosmol., Portsmouth Univ., Britain), K.-I. Maeda (Waseda Univ, Tokyo, Japan), S.D. Maharaj (KwaZulu-Natal Univ., Durban, SA), V.S. Manko (CINVESTAV, Mexico City, Mexico), A. Minkevich (Minsk, BSU, Belarus’), V.M. Mostepanenko (Leipzig Univ., Germany), V. Mueller (AIP, Potsdam, Germany), J.V. Narlikar (IUCAA, Pune, India), J. Nester (NSU, Taiwan), H. Nicolai (AEI, Golm, Germany), K. Nordtvedt (USA), M. Novello (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), I.D. Novikov (Astro Space Centre, Lebedev PI, Moscow), C. Romero (UFPB, Joao Pessoa, Brazil), V.A. Rubakov (Inst. Nucl. Research, Moscow), V.N. Rudenko (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow), R. Ruffini (ICRA, Italy), K. Sato (IPMU, Tokyo Univ., Japan), M.V. Sazhin (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow), Sung-won Kim (EWU, Seoul, Korea), R. Triay (CPT, CNRS, Marseille, France), A.I. Zhuk (Odessa Nat. Univ., Ukraine)

Local Organizing Committee:

Yu.A. Grushevsky (Chairman, Rector UlSPU), N.A. Il’ina (Vice-chairman, Vice-rector, UlSPU), V.V. Shishkarev (Vice-chairman, UlSPU), S.V. Chervon (Vice-chairman, UlSPU), E.V. Shabanov (Secretary, UlSPU), K.K. Altunin (UlSPU), V.G. Ariskin (UlSPU), A.S. Kubasov (UlSU), O.G. Panina (SGAU, Samara), A.V. Pozdyshev (UlSPU), V.M. Zhuravlev (UlSU), Yu.A. Svistunova (UlSPU), V.K. Shchigolev (UlSU).

For more inrofmation please visit the Conference Website. E-mails:,

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