Problems of Theoretical Cosmology

International School-Seminar

Ulyanovsk State University, Russian Gravitational Society, Center for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, VNIIMS and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia organized the International School-Seminar "Problems of Theoretical Cosmology" was held in Ulyanovsk on September 1-7, 1997.

The aim of Ulyanovsk International School-Seminar (UISS-97) was twofold. First, to bring together cosmologists from different countries to discuss the most exciting theoretical problems of the Universe with Russian gravitational and cosmological groups. Second, to give an opportunity for students, postgraduate-students, postdocs and young scientists studying and actively working in Theoretical Cosmology to be in the course of the latest achievements with the help of lectures given by the leaders of Theoretical Cosmology.

The scientific program of UISS-97 included morning plenary talks, seminars and workshops in the afternoon and educational lectures in the evening.

The International Advistory Committee:

Profs. Barrow J.D., UK, Brandenberger R.H., UK, Bishop N.T., South Africa, Cho Y.M., South Africa, Derulle N., France, Francaviglia M., Italy, Gal'tsov D.V., Russia, Grib A.A., Russia, Khlopov M.Yu., Russia, Liebscher D.-E., Germany, Liao Liu, China, Lukash V.N., Russia, Mueller V., Germany, Narlicar J.V., India, Novello M., Brazil, Novikov I.D., Denmark, Odintsov S.D., Russia & Spain, Occhionero F., Italy, Ruffini R., Italy, Sato K., Japan, Schaeffer R., France, Triay R., France, Wesson R., Canada.

The International Programme Committee

Profs. Abdildin M.M., Kazakhstan, Bagrov V.G., Tomsk, Barvinsky A.O., Moscow, Beesham A., South Africa, Bisnovaty-Kogan G.S., Moscow, Bouchet F., France, Bronnikov K.A., Moscow, Chernikov N.A., Dubna, Dehnen H., Germany, Guendelman E., Israel, Gurovich V.Ts., Kyrgystan, Ignat'ev Yu.G., Kazan, Ivashchuk V.D., Moscow, Kaigorodov V.R., Kazan, Maeda K., Japan, Mostepanenko V.M., St.Peterburg, Muecket J.P., Germany, Sazhin M.V., Moscow, Vladimirov Yu.S., Moscow, Yefremov A.P., Moscow, Zhotikov V.R., Moscow, Zhuk A.I., Ukraine, Zhuravlev V.M., Ulyanovsk.

The main topics of the conference:
  1. Physics of the Early Universe. (Chairs of the section: A.A.Starobinsky, S.V.Chervon);
  2. Exact Solutions in Multidimensional Cosmology. (Chairs of the section: V.N.Melnikov, V.D.Ivashchuk);
  3. Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology. (Chairs of the section: A.O.Barvinsky, A.A.Grib);
  4. Cosmoparticle Physics. (Chairs of the section: M.Yu.Khlopov, A.S.Sakharov);
  5. Topological Defects. (Chair of the section: D.V.Gal'tsov);
  6. Large Scale Structure Formations. (Chair of the section: V.N.Lukash);
  7. GR and Alternative Theories. (Chair of the section: Yu.S.Vladimirov).

There were more than 80 participants from Russia, new independent states of the former Soviet Union, Germany, France, USA, South Africa and Slovenia. Fifteen plenary talks, eight educational lectures for students of Ulyanovsk State University and more than forty sectional reports were presented. Among the most interesting talks there were lectures by A.A.Starobinsky on Stochastic Spacetime Structure during and after Inflation, V.N.Lukash on Large Scale Structure of the Early Universe, V.D.Ivashchuk on Multidimensional Gravitation and Cosmology with p-Branes, D.V.Gal'tsov on Internal Structure of BH's, G.S.Bisnovaty-Kogan on Description of Gravitational Collapse and BH formation, R.Schaeffer on Quantum Fluctuations in Curved Space etc. A.Sanders (USA) presented a very interesting reports on the new space method for measuring G and parameters of possible EP and inverse square law violations, so called SEE method.

General Information about Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk (before 1924 - Simbirsk) is situated on the right and left banks of the Volga river. Famous writer I. Goncharov, historian N. Karamzin and painter A.Plastov lived and worked in Ulyanovsk. Simbirsk was renamed Ulyanovsk because V. Lenin (Ulyanov) was born in Simbirsk. Now Ulyanovsk is a regional center of Russia with population of about 700 000. Ulyanovsk may be reached from Moscow (800 km) by train (appr. 18 hour) or by plane (1.5 hours).

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