Theoretical and Experimental Problems of Relativity and Gravitation

10th Russian Gravitational Conference

10th Russian Gravitational Conference, organised by the Russian Gravitational Society, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology of VNIIMS, Vladimir State University and Institute for Gravitation and Cosmology, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, supported by the Russian Ministry of Science and Technology, will be held in Vladimir on June 20-27, 1999. Its program includes lectures, original talks and poster communications, round tables and informal discussions on selected problems. Scientists from the republics of FSU and other countries are invited.

Vladimir is one of the most ancient Russian cities founded in 993. World-known historical and architectural monuments are located here. It is a tourist centre with a population of 350.000 people. The cultural programme of the conference includes excursions in historical places of Vladimir (Kremlin, churches and museums) and Suzdal (which is situated at 25 miles from Vladimir) - a town of monasteries, convents, cathedrals and churches - a real attraction for tourists from all over the world.

  1. Problems of classical general relativity and gravitation.
  2. Relativistic astrophysics and cosmology.
  3. Quantum gravity and cosmology, unified theories.
  4. Observed effects and experiment in gravitation and cosmology.
  5. Mathematical methods in gravitation and cosmology.
  6. Fundamental constants, ultimate measurements and diagnostic of dynamical processes.

Organizing Committee:

Profs. V.N. Melnikov (Chairman), Yu.S. Vladimirov (vice-chairman), A.G. Sergeev (vice-chairman, chairman of the local organising committee), M.Yu. Konstantinov (Scientific Secretary), M.M. Abdildin (Kazakhstan), V.G. Bagrov, V.A. Berezin, V.B. Braginsky, K.A. Bronnikov, N.A. Chernikov, L.V. Grunskaya, E.V. Chubaryan (Armenia), A.P. Efremov, P.I. Fomin (Ukraine), D.V. Gal'tsov, A.A. Grib, V.R. Kaigorodov, I.M. Khalatnikov, M.Yu. Khlopov, V.N. Lukash, V.M. Mostepanenko, P.I. Pronin, V.N. Rudenko, A.A. Starobinsky, A.V. Minkevich (Byelorussia), V.G. Zhotikov.

Local Organizing Committee:

A.G. Sergeev (Chairman), S.M. Arakelyan (vice-chairman), V.N. Kunin (vice-chairman), L.V. Grunskaya (Scientific Secretary), V.F. Korostelev, S.A. Maksimov, V.N. Titov, A.V. Chub, V.V. Isakevich.

International Scientific Advisory Committee:

S. Cotsakis, T. Damour, E. Elbaz, M. Francaviglia, D. Gitman, L. Grishchuk, E. Guendelman, S.W. Kim, K. Kuroda, Liao Liu, A. Macias, R. Mansouri, N.V. Mitskievich, M. Novello, I.D. Novikov, A. Polnarev, R. Ruffini, V. De Sabbata, A.J. Sanders, R. Triay, A. Vilenkin, Wei-Tou Ni.

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