V International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics of Asian-Pacific Countries


Dear Sir/Madam,
We are glad to inform you about International Conference on Gravitation and Astrophysics of Asian - Pacific Countries (ICGA-2001), organised by the Russian Gravitational Society, Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology of VNIIMS, Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology of Russian Peoples' Friendship University (PFUR), Moscow State University and Sternberg Astronomical Institute, which will be held in Moscow on October 1-7, 2001. The previous conferences of this series were in Korea, Seoul (1993), Taiwan (1995), Japan, Tokio (1997) and China, Beijin (1999). The participants from non Asian-Pacific countries are also welcome.

The program of conference includes original talks and poster communications, round tables and informal discussions on selected problems of gravitation, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics.

  1. Modern trends in Classical Gravity (Chairs: Yu.S.Vladimirov and K.A. Bronnikov).
  2. Relativistic astrophysics and cosmology (Chairs: G.S. Bisnovaty-Kogan and A.A. Starobinsky).
  3. Quantum gravity, brane and cosmology, unified theories (Chairs: D.V. Galtsov and A.O. Barvinsky).
  4. Observational effects, experiments in space and laboratory (Chairs: V.N. Rudenko and V.N. Melnikov).

International Organising Committee:

Profs. V.N. Melnikov (Russia) - Chairman, A.P. Efremov (Russia) - vice-chairman, chairman of the local organising committee), G. S. Bisnovaty-Kogan, A.A. Starobinsky (Russia) - vice chairmen, M.Yu. Konstantinov (Russia) - Scientific Secretary, A.M. Cherepashchuk, D.V. Gal'tsov, M.Yu. Khlopov, V.N. Lukash, I.D. Novikov, V.K. Milyukov, P.I. Pronin, V.N. Rudenko, Yu.S. Vladimirov, V.G. Zhotikov (Russia), Liao Liu, Luo Jun, K.S. Cheng (China), Y. Fujii, K. Kuroda, M. Kenmoku, K. Sato (Japan), E. Fischbach, F. Everitt, H.J. Paik, A.J. Sanders (USA), J.M. Nester, W.-T. Ni (Taiwan), S.-W. Kim (Korea), V.de Sabbata, V. Iafolla (Italy), M. Novello (Brasil), A. Garcia (Mexico), S. Cotsakis (Greece), J.-M. Alimi, T. Damour, R. Triay (France), V. Sahni (India).

Here You can find full scientific programme of the conference.

Proceedings of the conference:

The proceedings of the conference have been published as Gravitation & Cosmology, Vol.8, Supplement II (2002). The subscription rate for this supplement is: The subscription details can be found on the G&C home page. Here one can also find the contents of the proceedings.

All the additional information about the conference one can get from the Scientific Secretary of the conference:

M.Yu. Konstantinov
Rusian Gravitational Society,
Centre for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology of VNIIMS,
3-1 M.Ulyanovoy Str., 117313, Moscow, Russia

Tel: (495) 138 04 28
Fax: (495) 138 54 46
E-mail: icga@rgs.phys.msu.su

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