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NEW: Dear colleagues, we are glad to inform you that all issues of the Gravitation and Cosmology journal are available now with the abstracts and references at the G&C home page. At the same time the full text versions of the papers are also available for issues from 1995 till 2007 (see old issues below).

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The journal is aimed at providing a forum for rapid publication of high-quality research and review papers in the following fields: theoretical (classical and quantum) and experimental gravity; relativistic astrophysics and cosmology; exact solutions and modern mathematical methods in gravitation and cosmology, including Lie groups, geometry and topology; unification theories including gravity; fundamental physical constants, fundamental gravity experiments in space and related topics. Papers are invited from researchers throughout the world. The high standard of publication is ensured by thorough refereeing.

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Contents of the current issues of the Gravitation and Cosmology (distributed by Springer):

Here also one can find the contents of the old issues (with abstracts, references and full text) and the supplements of the Gravitation and Cosmology.


NEW: From 2008, our journal will be published by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., the company that already publishes in English many Russian academic journals. In an electronic form, the journal will be distributed by Springer. Their subscription conditions will appear on Springer's Web site and in the forthcoming issues of the journal.

Volumes 1-13 (1995-2007) are, as before, distributed by PFUR and, in the electronic form, by the Scientific Electronic library, with free access to all issues of the journal.

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