Information for Authors

Editorial Office:
RGS, VNIIMS, Otdel 302, Ozernaya 46, 119361, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 781 28 68, Fax: +7 (495) 781 28 68

The author guidelines have changed since, beginning with 2008, our journal will be published by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica" and distributed by Springer.

Papers to be published are submitted to the Editorial Board in English or Russian by e-mail, to our both addresses simultaneously (see above). The text should contain the title, the authors, their affiliations with exact post addresses, e-mail (NECESSARY!) and an abstract (within 20 lines).

All papers are refereed. There is no page charge, and PDF files of published papers will be sent to their authors on request.

An original research paper should be preferably no longer than 40 kilobytes (in a text format), a review article no longer than 70 kilobytes under reasonable requirements to the conciseness. Sections, figures and tables are numbered in Arabic numerals. References are numbered in the text in the form [1], [2-5], etc.; the form of the list of references is indicated in the sample (see below). The order of references in the list may either correspond to first citations in the text, or be alphabetic.

We ask the authors to prepare their files in LaTeX, \documentclass{article} (though Revtex or Revtex4 are also admissible). The use of our old style file GC.STY is optional.

In your *.tex file, to include displayed mathematical formulae, please always place the appropriate commands (such as \[, \], $$, \begin{equation}, \end{equation} etc.) on separate lines, writing them at the extreme left position. Figures (black-and-white) may be included in your *.tex file (if prepared by LaTeX tools) or may be presented as separate *.eps files. Please use archivers (.gz, .zip, .arj) for sending files of big size (over 100 kB). If you are sending several files, please send them packed in a single archive file.

Other formats of submission (*.doc, *.pdf, *.ps) are admitted at the refereeing stage. Still, once a paper is accepted for publication, a LATEX version of the manuscript is requested.

Sample References

[1] J. J. Jones, Phys. Rev. U 999, 9999 (2999).
[2] G. Green, B. Blue, and W. White, Theory of Color (North Pole Univ. Press, North Pole, 1900).
[3] I. I. Ivanov and P. P. Petrov, The Universe and Its Neighborhood, Arxiv: 9909.9999; to appear in Phys. Rev. Z.
[4] W. W. Wise, in: Selected Discoveries, ed. by A.A. Ivanov et al. (North Pole Univ. Press, North Pole, 2999).
[5] H. H. High, Tops of Gravitational Science, PhD thesis (Everest University, 2999).
[6] L. L. Large, S. S. Small, and M. M. Medium, Important Phys. J. 999, 101 (2009); hep-th/7700001.
For citing "Gravitation and Cosmology" please use the short title: Grav. Cosmol.

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